Friday, July 15, 2016


We try to go at least once a day to a nearby park. First of all, this girl loves to be outside (you can't say the word 'outside' unless you want to go outside right at that moment, or Riley will hold you to it. And she won't forget. Ever.)

Second, the weather here is just too good not to go outside-It is almost a punishment to be inside with only the windows to clue you in on the awesome weather beyond.

To my dismay, Riley still isn't a fan of the stroller. I don't know what it is going to take... you would think that because we go to a park every time, she would grow to look forward to it! But no. We can barely make it to a nearby park without her squawking at least once. But once we get to the park, this girl is in heaven. Walking and dirt will entertain her for hours.

One interesting thing about our 10 month old daughter is that she is a sadist. When she is wanting to get down and walk, I bring her amongst the green, soft grass with the fluffy dandelions and sweet little flowers. She bee-lines it to the wood chips covering the park or the hot concrete. I try to say 'ouchie' so she understands that the stinging in her feet is not a good thing. But it seems to just egg her on. This girl is not one to avoid getting dirty or shy away something out of fear. She is willing to try anything.

I like that about her :)

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