Sunday, July 3, 2016


There was a member of my ward that came up to me after the Relief Society lesson. I was expecting her to congratulate me on the lesson (not because I am trying to flatter myself-it just happens to be the custom after giving lessons in church). But she surprised me. She said, "I take it that Riley's sleeping schedule is still erratic." I laughed and confirmed the fact that she still wakes up quite a bit every night. She then told me how none of her three babies were good sleepers either. However, she has noticed that getting up with them at night has not been in vain. She feels like they were able to have a special bond because of that sacrifice that she made.

I'm not sure if she was warning me not to begrudge my situation or to give me hope during these young years. But whatever the reason, halfway through her spiel I could feel my eyes well up with tears, and I was full out crying by the time she finished.

I am really intrigued by my reaction to what she had to say. It hit a nerve I didn't even know was there!
   Was I grateful to have a compatriot during these trials?
      Did I feel the spirit because of the truth of her words?    
         Was I humiliated that someone spotted a sore spot of mine?
            Was I just having an emotional day?!

Anyone else go into emotional tailspins and not understand which emotions are setting them off?

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